Help for the Ukrainian refugees

Hello to all our customers and readers We today have made an agreement with the German Red Cross that we donate 5 € to the German Red Cross to support the German Red Cross to support the refugees of Ukraine and also help our part so I hope that You do not mind I hope you support with tap our actions we hope you are involved and please remember the tip as well as I donate we please remember the people have nothing and need our help therefore we help and try To relieve a bit of need
Hello to All our Customers and Reaters, Today WE Made An Agreement With the German Red Cross That We Will Donate € 5 to the German Red Cross for Every Purchase You Make to Support The Refugees in Ukraine and So Do Our Part, so i Hope Thatat You Do not Mind That Either I Hope You Support Our Approach With Zest For Action We Hope You Are With Us And Please Remember To Donate The Tip I Give US Please Remember The People Have Nothing and Need Our Help So WE Help and Try To Alleviate Some of the Distress