News 17.03.2022

On all our customers and our readers We only wanted to share that we have taken survival things in the shop with pure as e.g. Wonderful west helmets which also protect against explosions Water filters who deliver in an emergency drinking water + other valuable products such as emergency survival kit Medical care In addition, we will now also offer with the US military also distress nursing stations soon we prefer to meet our customers prefer to meet our customers Before really it should come before it should come to the alliance because then the supply chains are interrupted faster than you love should therefore cover yourself in time with your protection things or protective clothing you need

and think of your family rather plan to plan earlier than in an emergency that is our motto currently we know how fast It could go we have seen that the diplomacy has failed and doing people and children do additionally we continue to make our special action on each No matter what product goes on 10 € on a donation account of the German Red Cross for the refugees from Ukraine to support them and take a bit of suffering what they have experienced.