Hello Dear Customer Unfortunately, I was ill for the last two days and unfortunately could not give you a blog I'm feeling better today and I thought I have to inform you that we are now at Pinterest and you could follow us in addition for all who read our blog today today is Friday of the Black Friday and that means we have offers that run today and we also give an additional 10% on all products adopted when acquiring it would be nice if you also make use of it I think I was thinking A gift for your loved ones would be something nice for Christmas right now if the delivery times will be longer and if you order now it is so that you have the gift in two weeks at the latest and are prepared for Christmas Eve and you do not go empty and I'm doing It's important to you, it is important in the holy evening to have what I think only a little thing brings a smile into the face and warm Even the hearts therefore a good advice from me is looking for something out of her finds the right one. For ourselves on and Denk turn on we guarantee a 14-day delivery time now in Corona time just when the pandemic will be getting worse back to Christmas We keep our transport routes small and punctual with you Cheerful Christmas I'll contact you tomorrow.