hello how do you hope you are fine, you just wanted to say we have now also express shipping for you that is still with express shipping your gifts before christmas, of course, it costs what's why I say I have a bit of patience so far Our delivery time reorder 7 to 12 days ie if you still ordered with us now you have it in time under the tree still to be additionally we will change our shop after Christmas layout moderately that means we will back to the normal state again that means he does not get it Being more brown because brown is watching at Christmas time We will return him in white and again to celebrate the normal holidays with you again I hope you agree with it SHOULD Please leave the shop like that then please contact our contact details and part us then we can discuss this here with us and go to your wishes I hope you already excited what the Santa Claus brings you I know what to do with me a lot of work but it's worth it because if you have something to do is one never boring so I wish you a merry christmas time I'll get me just before Christmas with you Report and please stay healthy

Your Rene Bobardt