News about our action and shipping routes

Dear customers I told him you hear from me or you read from me I wanted to tell you that we can run the actions like a product for free only for some time, of course, for these products the packaging costs are the shipping costs and shipping insurance in this price including some people this price quenching this price 16.49Euro but unfortunately he is specified by Deutsche Post and from DHL even if the DHL works with our other partners together it stays with the same price no matter which shipping we send you our central storage are in Asia Spain North America in the UK and also in Africa so we make sure that we also enable short and fast transport routes I hope you understand that and that I can do such an action like a product for free if we pass the shipping costs to you Let's share the work and you are satisfied with your service at UN s Therefore, I hope you order in time with us that your Christmas gift is also in time with you I must also tell you that we can not guarantee from the second week of December that the gift can be on time on 24.12 so on Christmas Eve with you so please I to order them in time with us as the transport routes will soon be overloaded again by the Corona crisis that you notice from the TV or Internet or multimedia messages we have no bottlenecks in our products we have on our location central everything so distributes this if one Product where it goes as it can immediately send from another central warehouse to you so warrants now we are still the Christmas warranty that is to order now with us and you will receive your gift at the latest on 24.12 on Christmas Eve and your gift lies under your tree.
With best regards
Rene Bobard