Shipping news important !!!!!!

Dear customers and readers We wanted to tell you right now at the upcoming event of the Super Bowl I ask me to order many customers early because a delivery time in the products can take up to 20 days to get their product in some cases the product is within 14 days with you, however, since we need to fulfill the customs regulations it could be that your product is checked in inches before it will be sent to you this exam we take over with customs together you do not incur any other costs because you have paid 19% VAT and in the end, in the end, the tax rate thus also have to be paid in addition to all connections in their orders with customs continuously to prevent evil surprises This is an information news for all people who want to order NFL products for all other products the delivery time currently amounts to minimum 14 days to 20 days there currently so much Fight in the pandemic time can it be possible that some transport routes would need longer this parts we will share our customers with additionally at the time of our goods as in the outside central warehouses are brought by plane to Germany for all other customers who live abroad is only valid for products In the European room so in Europe central in stock are just as some products are not always distributed on all central warehouses DA products e.g. Small products are customary that mostly a single central warehouse sends these products centrally and in the current pandemic time is in the given circumstances because the DHL can not use all service providers on time, we will also use other service providers the FedEx UPS and Transoflex use their product Having quickly as possible to bring them to you, I ask for this understanding and trust that of our customers you have in us.
Sincerely, Eue
Rene Bobard